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How do you give your reader that satisfactory it is finished feeling at the end of the story, without making it hokey?

The answer lies in your Driving Conflict.

The “Driving Conflict” is the most prominent conflict in your story, and it’s the conflict that most closely correlates to the “Impossible Thing” your protagonist will accomplish.

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ASSIGNMENT: Continue to develop your novel plan. Fill in all of the boxes and move things around until they’re just right.

  1. Identify your Driving Conflict, and put a square around it on your plan.
  2. Verify that your Impossible Thing the protagonist accomplishes in the Climax is correlated to the Driving Conflict.
  3. Evaluate your major plot points, and make sure they all have a strong relationship to the Driving Conflict.

We’ll continue to work with your plan through the week. It does not need to be 100% complete today.

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Continue to build your knowledge of story structure with The Novel Matrix book at, or the Novel Matrix classes at Writers.Company.