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It’s time to move into the planning and development stages of your novel. This is where the fun begins!

Download complete Novel Matrix worksheets at

Writing a novel is a marathon. Do the work now, and it will pay off for you big time down the road.

ASSIGNMENT: Choose one of the three ideas you’ve been brainstorming and begin to develop it into a complete Novel Matrix plan. No need to overplan, but fill in the major boxes. Continue to work the plan until all of the major elements are defined.

We’ll continue to work with your plan through the week. It does not need to be 100% complete today.

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Continue to build your knowledge of story structure with The Novel Matrix book at, or the Novel Matrix classes at Writers.Company.

SPECIAL NOTE: The workbook mentioned in this video is not available yet. We’ll update this when that resource is available. Until then, use the downloadable/printable worksheets from