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As you move through your scene list, you may soon arrive at “The Old College Try.”

This key moment of your manuscript occurs in the middle of the second act. Your protagonist will make a half-hearted and unsuccessful attempt to stop the hemorrhaging in his life and reverse the damage.

How does your protagonist respond to bad things (and sometimes even make the problem worse)?

ASSIGNMENT: Write for one hour.

If you’re still working up to writing for one hour, that’s OK. Make sure you’re consistently challenging yourself to increase your writing time, so that you’ll get to one-hour writing blocks soon.

Write for the time period you’ve assigned for yourself, and then use the remainder of your hour to continue to build out your Novel Matrix plan. If time remains, read something that you love.

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Find more information about “The Old College Try” with The Novel Matrix book at, or the Novel Matrix classes at Writers.Company.