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Did you have a good week with your writing?

How are you supposed to even answer a question like that? Instead of a nebulous, unanswerable question, today’s episode presents two specific questions you can ask to assess your week’s performance.

It’s important to stay positive as you move through this project. Some weeks will be better than others. It’s up to you keep yourt momentum and hit the ground running each week.

ASSIGNMENT: Write for one hour.

If you’re still working up to writing for one hour, that’s OK. Write for the time period you’ve assigned for yourself, and then use the remainder of your hour to continue to build out your Novel Matrix plan. If time remains, read something that you love.

TOMORROW: Rest. Maintain a healthy routine. It’s not a free day or a make-up day. You have a specific assignment: rest.

Rest is an important part of the work that you’re doing. It’s more important to refresh yourself and hit the ground running again next week than it is to try to squeeze in a few more minutes of work.

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Find more strategies for doing the work with The Novel Matrix book at, or the Novel Matrix classes at Writers.Company.