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It’s time to start writing!

Let’s explore another big advantage of using a system like the Novel Matrix: you now have the power to write the scenes of your book in any order.

This will allow you to put your creative energy to its best and highest use, while still giving you direction in the moments you’re not inspired.

If you feel inspired to write a particular section of your book, capitalize on that inspiration and generate some momentum.

On the days that you’re not inspired, sit down and write the next scene in chronological order.

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ASSIGNMENT: Write for one hour today.

This is your new assignment every day, six days per week, for the next eleven weeks.

If you can’t write for a full hour yet or can’t hit 1,000 words in an hour, don’t worry. We’re going to work on that together. Right now, it’s more about creating healthy, sustainable routines than achieving the word count. Do what you can and keep following along to grow in your productivity.

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Continue to build your knowledge of story structure with The Novel Matrix book at, or the Novel Matrix classes at Writers.Company.