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So you have a Novel Matrix plan, now what?

Your next step in the 90-Day Novel Challenge is to take your Novel Matrix plan and use it to develop a scene list. Using the Novel Matrix Scene Plan, develop individual scenes that support all five conflicts and seven characters, and develop the universe of the story.

Download a blank Scene Plan at

If you haven’t finished your Novel Matrix plan yet, that’s OK. You still have time to work on it. You may even find that beginning to think about specific scenes helps you to fill in the remaining holes on your plan.

Download complete Novel Matrix worksheets at

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ASSIGNMENT: Begin to develop a scene list from your Novel Matrix plan.

If you’re Novel Matrix plan isn’t complete yet, continue to develop it. We’ll continue to develop both the Novel Matrix plan and the scene list through Day 14. Keep moving, but you have time.

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Continue to build your knowledge of story structure with The Novel Matrix book at, or the Novel Matrix classes at Writers.Company.