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Welcome to Day 1 of the 90-Day Novel Challenge.

To build a foundation for a successful project, today we’re talking about the importance of structure in your work.

There’s a big difference between structure and formula.

As artists, we like to pretend that we don’t need any structure to our work at all. We just want to be creative and follow the inspiration, right? But that’s not how successful authors behave.

The Novel Matrix method is designed to provide a skeleton for your work, not a coffin. The principles we’ll discuss will provide a planning framework to keep your work on target, while not bogging you down or stealing your inspiration and creativity.

TODAY’S ASSIGNMENT: Begin brainstorming ideas for your novel. Come up with at least three ideas.

Any nugget of an idea is fine. It doesn’t need to be developed. A character, a premise, a plot twist, a topic that’s important to you—whatever you have, we’ll develop it into a working plan over the next two weeks.

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Grab your copy of The Novel Matrix book at You can also take the Novel Matrix classes at Writers.Company.